Our goal is to empower people with financial autonomy, enabling them to make the best possible life decisions.

With over 20 years in financial services, we’ve found that personalized, all-encompassing advice can be out of reach. The financial world is just too complex.
Altes Foto aus Horst Schneiders Zeit als Motocross-Fahrer.
Halbportrait von Horst Schneider, Gründer und Geschäftsführer der AIR GmbH

Up to you!

Life is unpredictable

Learn more about Horst Schneider, our founder, and his motivation behind the AIRboard.

In his early years, Horst was a carpenter. After completing his apprenticeship, he transitioned to professional sports. As a motocross racer, he quickly started competing in international championships and, within five years, was ranked among the top 5 in Europe. A severe motorcycle accident, however, ended his journey to becoming a motocross professional.

In the hospital, a roommate inspired Horst to enter the insurance industry. He started as an independent insurance agent, earned a master's in finance, and worked at top firms like Bankhaus Ellwanger & Geiger, Feri Trust, and MLP, where he led "Market & Innovation."

Two completely different life phases – one key lesson: life is unpredictable. Yet with flexibility, adaptability, and focus, much is possible.

That's exactly what the AIRboard does with your finances: it helps you stay flexible, adjust your financial dreams to your circumstances, and stay focused on your goals.

Horst Schneider is our Founder and Managing Director. We would like to briefly introduce him and tell you how he came up with the AIRboard idea:

As a young man, Horst trained as a carpenter. After his journeyman’s examination, he switched to competitive sports and began a highly successful career as a motocross racer. Within four years, he was already competing in international championship events, and by year five he finished in the top 5 at the European Championships. A serious motorbike accident ended his journey to becoming a motocross professional.

While still in the hospital, Horst’s roommate told him about the insurance industry, and Horst eventually decided to make a completely new start, becoming an independent insurance agent. His next big goal: to understand the financial industry down to the last detail. And so Horst studied financial economics and obtained a Master’s degree in Finance at Danube University/UBC Canada. Afterwards, he worked for many years in leading positions within the financial sector – among others as a member of the extended management board for private bank Bankhaus Ellwanger & Geiger and in private banking at Feri Trust, as well as at MLP, where he was most recently responsible for the staff department “Market & Innovation”.

These two completely different chapters of life taught Horst one fundamental truth: Life is unpredictable! Yet, if we manage to remain flexible, adapt our dreams to the circumstances, set goals and focus, many things are possible.


Everyone plans for their life, but few align their finances to support those plans effectively. The complexities are often overwhelming. That’s where the AIRboard helps.


Horst Schneider
Founder & Managing Director

Mannheim location

Inspiring environment, agile network

The Rhein-Neckar region offers great potential for FinTech, with a dynamic network of tech giants, financial services, and universities. In Mannheim, we're embedded in the MAFINEX Technology Center's startup and tech scene, enjoying a vibrant ecosystem with workshops, meetups, and hackathons.

Mafinex-Technologiezentrum: Zwei Personen unterhalten sich auf dem Weg ins Foyer.
Moderner, heller und offener Büroraum in Loftatmosphäre.

Supporters of our vision

Our mentors

Portrait Peter Reese, e5Media, Gründungsmitglied des Vergleichsportals Verivox

Peter Reese, e5Media

Founding member of the comparison portal Verivox

Portrait Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Kuhn, Aufsichtsrat, Ex-CEO Südwestbank AG Honorarprofessor am Institut für Handel u. Banken Uni Leipzig

Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Kuhn

Supervisory Board,
Ex-CEO Südwestbank AG Honorary Professor at the Institute for Commerce and Banking, University of Leipzig

Portrait Lars Lamade, SAP SE, Head of Global Sponsorships Aufsichtsrat SAP SE

Lars Lamade, SAP SE

Head of Global Sponsorships Supervisory Board SAP SE

Our business model

About our funding

After launch, the AIRboard will be available for a flat fee. During beta testing, it's free to use. Our AIRboard guides are salaried and receive no commissions. We do not act as financial service providers or offer insurance, financial, or loan brokering.

Free service
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Free to use up to a certain extent, the AIRboard creates a personalized financial strategy based on your lifestyle, goals, and security needs. You’ll see the key points, but the details are not fully developed.

One-time fee
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For a one-time fee our algorithm converts your financial strategy into tailored budgets and products. You get a detailed assessment and your AIRprofile, which helps you review and adjust your insurance and investments. You can handle this yourself or with a financial advisor – its up to you.

Agent contract
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Service offer: If you choose, we can manage the implementation of your financial plan. After your approval, we'll forward your AIRprofile to licensed partners who will execute your strategy as promised. You'll grant them a broker mandate, and all fees will be clearly disclosed.

The Team

Hello, we are AIR!

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

Is the algorithm really neutral and independent?

Yes it is! Since we work exclusively on a fee-for-service basis, any other model would make no sense for us. The algorithm has only one goal: that the desired results are achieved in the most effective possible way!

Can I already set up my optimal financial concept in the beta version?

In principle, yes. In any case, you will be able to discern how to design your basic themes ... and until the tool is completely finished, an AIRboard expert can help you determine a thing or two very precisely.

When will a fully functional version of AIRboard be ready?

We expect to fully impress you by mid-2024.

How can I support you with AIRboard development?

We welcome your feedback: for example, let us know what you can already understand through AIRboard, what you consider lacking and what services you would like to see.

I am comprehensively insured and have invested my money. Will the AIRboard still be of use to me?

Certainly. AIRboard shows you whether everything you have fits you and your needs. AIRboard is not about individual financial products, but about creating an overall concept that is individually tailored to your needs while considering all opportunities and risks (based on your personal risk tolerance). Above all, it analyses your current financial circumstances and takes them into account. In other words, AIRboard views your situation holistically, so that your financial concept is a perfect fit for you, your life and your finances! This makes it an indispensable tool for spot checks of whether you are in your optimal money-life balance.

What do you mean by ‘financial needs’?

This can cover many things: a car, a house, a certain lifestyle in old age, saving for the children and their studies ... money is necessary for all these things. That is why these topics are also summarised under the term ‘financial needs’.

What is a ‘balance’? And what does it mean to ‘balance the budget’?

A ‘balance’ is simply an offset of all expenses against all income – the result is either positive or negative. A ‘balanced budget’ means that expenditure and revenue are in proportion. This is again achieved by bringing your expenditure needs into proportion with the income generated. And that’s exactly what AIRboard helps you achieve.

What is meant by ‘financial lifestyle’?

‘Lifestyle’ today is the sum of various components: for example, the amount of rent you pay, the quality of the food you eat, your personal style of dress, where you go on holidays ... it all adds up to the cost of your lifestyle. This is what we call ‘financial lifestyle’.

What do you mean by ‘precise fit’?

It means you don’t leave money on the table, you don't overpay for insurance, you are optimally prepared for your retirement. It also means you have optimally aligned your finances with your personal lifestyle, your needs and your desires.

Can't traditional financial advice be just as precise?

In today’s world, this kind of precision is impossible without digital help. The existing financial planning tools from good financial advisors do their job fairly well, but you generally have to enter all your currently held financial products there first. A financial strategy can only be a precise fit if an optimal concept is created neutrally and abstractly – without reliance on existing products. This abstract concept provides the reference point to optimise your existing portfolio.

Aren't AIRboard experts also financial advisors? What is the difference?

Our AIRboard experts are experts in the use of AIRboard. The algorithm does the actual ‘advising’.

I don't know anything about finance. Is it really possible to invest without a financial advisor?

In principle, yes. But, you can use an AIRboard expert to help you use AIRboard to your best possible advantage. You don't need financial knowledge or a great understanding of numbers. AIRboard guides you through the financial jungle using a simple question-answer dialogue. The scenario calculator is also easy to use. If you have any questions about the tool, one of our AIRboard experts will be happy to help. Ultimately, AIRboard provides you the secure feeling of self-determined action. It's designed to help you take control of your financial strategy.

I keep a budget book and use a robo-advisor. Why do I need AIRboard?

To bring everything into line! A regularly updated budget and intelligent robo-advisors are good tools. But AIRboard is more about answering the question: “How do I use my income and assets in the best way to support my needs and goals?” AIRboard shows you the WHY, the WHAT and the HOW – and thus you gain planning and decision-making confidence. You can then implement this sound strategy using your robo-advisor.

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